These are some of my favorite resources for information on gamification, habit design, and more!


Online Resources

  • His b=mat (behavior change = combination of user motivation, ability, and triggers) is a compelling argument for advanced personal sensor networks- they increase motivation AND ability with an elegant feedback loop, as well as give an easy way for designers to provide meaningful triggers!
@habitdesign and the Habit Design Meetup Group


Authors: Chip Heath and Don Heath
Don and Chip Heath explore why some change is hard and some is irresistible in the context of the "elephant and rider" model- the rational and emotional systems in our brains.  A great starting point for designing games to induce positive behavior change.

Author: Martin Seligman
A great book by the guru of Positive Psychology; a great lens to look at games and the potential of gamin through.


Short Videos

Designing Outside The Box/ When Games Invade Real Life
This fantastic presentation by The Art of Game Design author Jesse Schell talks about the phenomena of social gaming, how we're starting to turn back towards reality when playing games, and what the New World might look like!

The illustrious Tom Chatfield, author of Fun Inc, summarizes some of the most addictive aspects of gaming, from frequent timely feedback to the element of uncertainty.

Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja at SCVNGR, gives us a sneak peek into some of the cornerstones of an influential game.

Jane McGonigal doing what Jane McGonigal does best- getting the world excited about games!  Check out her book, Reality is Broken!

Extra Credits: Gamification and Gamifying Education
A great run-down on the basics of gamification, and great ideas about some initial applications to "serious gaming"

Extra Credits: Playing Like a Designer: Part 1 and Part 2
Geared toward AAA games but valuable for any designers!  I also recommend all of the extra credits video- watching them all at once is just as fun as a Biggest Loser binge, and twice as productive!


The handbook of optimism about the potential of games- a feel-good book that will not only inspire, but also educate on the most compelling aspects of games!  A must-read for the field.

Author: Jesse Schell
If you're inclined to dive into a game design textbook, this is a good place to start.  Also, see his videos (links above)!