Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gamification + Sensor Technology

A few big fields that have been popping up recently are gamification, positive psychology, habit design, and biometric tracking- each of which is tackling the question "how do we become happier and healthier" from a different angle.

I created a presentation based on this (to see my script/speaker notes, click "View on Slideshare", and you can select to see speaker notes by the comments box beneath the slides), and have been continuing to research and explore the interconnections in these concepts. You'll hear more about it soon!

I know "Gamification" is becoming an over-used, ill-defined, loved and hated word. What it means to me is leveraging the types of feedback that makes repeating an action over and over again in a game so compelling- a much deeper, complex subject than just badges and statuses!

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