Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mindfulness Alpha Testing!!!

Great news, everyone! We've gotten permission to allow some (limited) amount of alpha testing on non-Proteus employees! See below:

Proteus Biomedical invites the self-experimentation community to alpha test our consumer health & wellness technology. Selected experimenters will receive supplies to run a four-week experiment.

Proteus makes a torso-worn patch that characterizes activity, sleep and other metrics via accelerometery, heart rate, and surface temperature.. Additionally, a safe, ingestible sensor shaped like a tablet communicates the time of ingestion when swallowed.


The power of suggestion is real. Our own early experiments suggest that labeling ingestible sensors – Mindfulness Pills – with different attributes and taking them per self-defined guidelines can prompt positive behavior change through increased mindfulness and automatic correlation of ingestion and behavior. To learn more about mindfulness, visit:

Your proposal should include:

- Your mindfulness goals

- A description of your mindfulness experiment and required supplies

Questions & Proposals

Please contact Nancy Dougherty at


09.11.2011, 11:59pm

Submit mindfulness experiment proposal


Accepted proposals announced on the mindfulness blog


Materials distributed and experiments start


Experiments reported on the mindfulness blog


  1. You'll have a proposal from me before the end of the week. Would be very pumped to be a tester, and try to help publicize amongst the QS community in DC.

  2. Noted. I think at least one of us from would be overjoyed to play with this device.

  3. Explore mindfulness in this article before you plunge into this amazing way of life:

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